General Information

The course of studies of 'Production Engineering' at the Univestity of Bremen is not to be seen as a classic branch of conventional engineering. Lectures included aim at a multidisciplinary education of the students, containing process engineering, work science, material science and product engineering.

During the basic studies the required courses offer basic knowledge comparable with classic studies of engineering. After completing the basic studies the students are accompanied by a self-chosen mentor during the rest of their studies. The mentor's task is to help the students to survey their possibilities and do a blueprint of further courses in order to ensure fast and straight studies. Unlike the basic studies, the main part of 'Production Engineering' consists of modular build exams. This ensures the students's freedom of choice concerning the topical direction of further studies. It's solely nessesary to do exams about the four basic lectures named above. Thus, the choice of the study's topical direction lies completely in the responsibility of the students themselves, whether they choose to build up a broad general knowledge or to learn more about a special matter.

The direction of my studies is based upon a variety of topics I am interested in. Generally my studies are situated in process engineering/ environmental engineering. Though, another field I am interested in is automation and control engineering and simulation. Therefore, I do not consider my studies as a consolidation in terms of classical process engineering.